Art Deco Continues as a Classy Bathroom Trend


Keeping your interior design up to date in terms of the style is a smart way to keep your home from feeling old and outdated. However, when it comes to keeping the home trendy, many homeowners neglect the bathroom design. A current bathroom design trend that you should consider is the use of an Art Deco style. Transitional Bathroom via Houzz Art Deco is … [Read more...]

Create an Open Kitchen Perfect for Your Family


The kitchen is an area that has become more family-oriented over the years. Whereas traditionally the kitchen was only used for cooking and cleaning, many families use it as a secondary eating area, and even spend time socializing in the kitchen. Because of this, you should consider creating an open kitchen to better suit your family’s … [Read more...]

Bring the Beach to Your Bathroom


Are you a little bit bored with your current bathroom design? Why not spruce it up by bringing a little summer fun to the bathroom? The following are a few beach-inspired design elements that will do just that: A fully tiled bathroom – Cover your walls in tiles in order to give your bathroom the feel of a changing room on the beach. Beach bathrooms … [Read more...]

Go to the Wall in Your Bathroom Design


Many homeowners have small bathrooms in their homes. A small bathroom can often feel cramped or difficult to use due to the lack of space. If you have a small bathroom in your home, then you should think about making use of the walls in order to save space. Traditional Bathroom via Houzz Not every bathroom fixture has to take up as much space as it … [Read more...]

Can’t-Miss Trends for Kitchens and Baths in 2014


If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your kitchen and bathroom areas, whether you’re looking to improve design or function, then you should look at current kitchen and bath trends in order to find some inspiration. The following are a few of this year’s kitchen and bath trends: Natural light – More windows or doors leading that allow natural … [Read more...]