What Are People Seeking in Modern Kitchens?

Source: Houzz

Today's kitchen design trends feature convenience and accessibility combined with function and style. With the kitchen serving as a place for food prep and social gathering, the essential elements in modern spaces make it easy to accomplish tasks. Double bowl sink While a single basin is more attractive to some, there's no denying the functionality of … [Read more...]

A Shower Can Reset Your Whole Day

If you're in a rut, a relaxing shower may be just what you need. ©iStockphoto.com/LarsZahnerPhotography

It can be hard to get your day in gear sometimes. Even if you've already taken a shower, taking another can help reset the day and give you the motivation to accomplish important tasks. For such a useful reset button, visit our plumbing showroom in Norwell to find the exact showerhead you need. Off the couch Everyone needs time to relax and recharge, … [Read more...]

Inspiring Bathroom Design Encourages Flow and Beautiful Views

Get inspired by innovative design elements like a big open windows and bright materials. Source: Houzz

Bathrooms can often feel closed off in homes, but with the innovative bathroom design ideas from Lee F. Mindel, you gain fresh inspiration for opening these rooms up to great views. Embracing glass While many think the bathroom that requires optimal privacy with small windows, Mindel shows that using glass for the shower surround opens up the flow … [Read more...]

A Simple Trick for Getting Caulk Just Right When DIY Remodeling a Bathroom

bathroom remodeling

When you're doing a bathroom remodel, you consider all the big details such as choosing new plumbing fixtures, lighting, vanity, and sink. However, you might overlook a small, but important detail that gives the room a clean, polished look and that is the caulk. Painters tape is great for more than just creating crisp lines while painting walls and … [Read more...]

For Your New Bath, Think Oval

If you're remodeling your bathroom, consider making the Kohler Underscore tub in your plans. Source: For Residential Pros

A growing trend in bathroom design ideas is the freestanding tub and Kohler has a new addition to this style with their Underscore oval bath. Available in either freestanding or drop-in, the Underscore offers a new kind of luxury bath in a variety of sizes that fit any shape bathroom. Massage and music Some of the options available with the … [Read more...]