Disappearing Boundaries: Keeping a Bath in the Bedroom


If you’re looking to create a really unique bedroom design, then one very bold move you could make is to put a bath in your bedroom! This may seem like something that you would do if you simply didn’t have the space for a bathroom and had to make do – but it can actually create a very intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Modern Bedroom via Houzz By … [Read more...]

5 Ideas for a Bathroom That Steps Out of Your Dreams


There’s nothing quite like designing a dream bathroom – other than using it, of course! If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom in order to create your dream bathroom, then use the following 5 bathroom design ideas as inspiration: Recessed tub – Instead of using a bathtub, create a large recessed space with steps that lead into it for an … [Read more...]

Gilded Fixtures for Luxury in the Bathroom


Do you feel like your bathroom design is a bit plain? If so, spruce it up by adding a few gilded elements. In fact, this is an excellent way to add a touch of luxury to any bathroom design. The following are a few examples of how you can introduce gilded features into your bathroom: Modern bathroom – Gilded features such as your faucet or even your … [Read more...]

See How Much a Bathroom Can Transform From a Simple Remodel


You may think of your bathroom as a function-only space in which a remodel isn’t going to do much to change it – but you’d be wrong! Even a simple remodel can transform your entire bathroom design. The following are a few bathroom design ideas that you should use as inspiration: Painting the walls – If your bathroom has outdated colors or … [Read more...]

Touches of Luxury That Aren’t Hard to Add to a Bathroom


Having a luxurious bathroom design can really improve your comfort and make you feel downright pampered when you are using it. Many people assume that a luxurious bathroom will cost way too much, but you can easily create a luxurious atmosphere through the use of a few small details. Smoky Glass – Enclose your shower in smoky glass in order to balance … [Read more...]