How to Create an Efficiently Sleek Bathroom

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Today's bathroom design trends focus on combining efficiency with elegant function. You can achieve that combination¬†with some remodeling ideas that transform any bathroom into a sleek, sophisticated space. Creating a design-forward bathroom While studies show that a bathroom remodel is a top project for return on investment, you can enjoy the … [Read more...]

Enjoy a More Relaxed Kitchen Design by Embracing the English Countryside


When you're living in history-rich New England, it makes sense to embrace the old English countryside with your kitchen design ideas. There are several ways of incorporating this style while keeping up with today's modern innovations. Large sink The farmhouse sink is experiencing a resurgence in kitchens, but butler or Belfast sinks work just … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Ways to Get a Pleasing Minimal Bathroom Design

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Having a sleek, modern, minimalist bathroom is a popular choice among bathroom design ideas, but it can be challenging to add character without undermining the simplicity. Fortunately, with a few easy tricks, you can keep your minimal bathroom design while making it a bit more pleasing to the eye. Earthy style Incorporating earthy elements … [Read more...]

Kohler Will Work With Whirlpool to Bring Forth a Net-Zero Water Future

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With the ongoing droughts across the country, Kohler and Whirlpool present good news as they team up to create a net-zero water future. While our plumbing showroom in Norwell features many water-efficient fixtures, Kohler and Whirlpool want to take water conservation several steps further with the concept of net-zero water homes. Net-zero water … [Read more...]

Tips to Help You Remodel Your Kitchen With No Regrets

Thinking about the result of remodeling a kitchen in New England can be exciting, but contemplating the process of getting there can make you uneasy. Fortunately, with some helpful tips to assist you in remodeling without regrets, you can achieve your dream kitchen with less stress. Consider remodel¬†reasons Take a close look at why you want to … [Read more...]