Say Goodbye to Boring Kitchen Design


Redoing your kitchen is the perfect time to say goodbye to boring and hello to intriguing kitchen design ideas. Creating an interesting kitchen design incorporates as few or as many unexpected touches as you want, it's all a matter of taste. Traditional Kitchen via Houzz Pantry wall Ditch the usual upper storage cabinets and opt for a dedicated … [Read more...]

No Bathroom Windows, No Problem


Bathrooms without windows can feel like dark, dungeon-like spaces until you look beyond their limitations and use creative bathroom design ideas to make the window-less space shine with its own unique light. With a few windowless bathroom designs for inspiration, you can brighten up the room even without natural light. Modern Bathroom via Houzz Dynamic … [Read more...]

Cleaning Your Whirlpool Bathtub Doesn’t Have To Be a Hassle


Among bathroom design ideas, whirlpool tubs offer a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, but they require cleaning to ensure continued operation. Cleaning your whirlpool tub isn't as daunting a task when you do it regularly following a relatively simple procedure. Traditional Bathroom via Houzz Gather materials The materials needed to … [Read more...]

Sneaking Extra Space Into Your Kitchen


If it feels like there’s enough space in your kitchen, it's time to view it from a new perspective. Kitchen design ideas that use every corner, nook and bit of wall help you create extra room and offer ways to tidy the clutter. Traditional Kitchen via Houzz Re-imagine windows Windows in a kitchen are ideal for letting in natural light, but they're … [Read more...]

Redesign Your Kitchen With Work Zones in Mind


When it's time to consider remodeling a kitchen in New England, evaluate what didn't work in your previous layout and focus on creating functional work zones. Take advantage of the remodel to organize your new kitchen in a way that streamlines food preparation, cooking, and cleanup. Transitional Kitchen via Houzz Improved flow Dividing your kitchen … [Read more...]