Add Some DIY Pizazz to Your Bathroom Remodel With a Stenciled Floor


A bathroom remodel is one of the best home improvements that you can invest in. Not only does the bathroom provide multiple functions, it’s also one of the rooms that provides the most value if you decide to sell. However, why not add a bit of unique personality to your bathroom with a stenciled floor? Bathroom via Houzz Using a stencil in order to … [Read more...]

Turn Your Water Temperature Down When It’s Cold Outside


Now that winter is here, it sure is getting cold! Like most people, you probably battle that bitter outdoor temperature by jumping into a hot shower in the mornings. The hotter, the better – right? Wrong! Taking hot showers during the winter is actually a bad idea. Transitional Bathroom by Denver Architects & Building Designers DHR … [Read more...]

Kohler’s New Toilet Seat Makes Embarassing Odors Vanish


One of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you is if you used the bathroom and weren’t able to get rid of… embarrassing odors. Even worse – if someone is waiting to use the toilet right outside of your bathroom! Fortunately, Kohler has a new toilet seat that will get rid of embarrassing odors. Traditional Bathroom via Houzz You’ll … [Read more...]

Tips for Expanding the Kitchen Into Other Areas of the Home


The kitchen is one of the most important spots in the home. Not only do you need it to cook, clean and store all of your food, but if you’re like many other modern homeowners, you use it as a secondary dining area as well as a space to socialize in. This means that you may want to expand your kitchen space. Traditional Kitchen via Houzz There are a … [Read more...]

Create an Industrial Style Bathroom That Doesn’t Feel Cold


When people think about industrial style, they often think of a design that’s somewhat cold. However, you can create an industrial style bathroom that is warm and welcoming. The following are a few bathroom design ideas for doing just that: Industrial Bathroom via Houzz One of the features often found in industrial designs is the use of an exposed … [Read more...]